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If you're wondering what that means, then I'm the gal to tell you.

My penname is Tikatu (pronounced like Pikachu, but with the obvious sound changes). I'm a happily married mother of three who lives on the US East coast and is obsessed (just ask my kids) with the 1960s Supermarionation TV show, Thunderbirds.

I've asked for both a Thunderbirds TV and a movie category here; movie because of the 2004 movie (which created a different canon from that of the TV show). Hopefully, third time's the charm!

Oh, you want to know what F-A-B means? Sure, okay. The letters really don't stand for anything in particular. It's just the way the Thunderbirds pilots acknowledge instructions and information while out on the field. It was taken from the 1960s slang word "fabulous".