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Formatting For Reading
I would just like to point out that I have read several stories here. Or rather, I have attempted to read them.

One thing I have learned from different sites is that they do not always format in an easily read manner. The problem is that the stories are not in a paragraph form. It takes extra work to put in the line breaks, but it is worth it as it makes the story much easier to read. It can be done in WordPad or NotePad. You lose any HTML markings, but you can add them. Or just copy and past here. Some sites do not accept that method, but I had no problems hee.

It is the difference between reading and not reading for some. It may get your story more reads if the reader does not have to work at figuring out the paragraphs as well as the story.
I concur wholeheartedly. I actually save individual chapters as new word documents and add the line breaks in there.
I find that after editing HTML documents for years, it's relatively easy to train oneself to type ... or other simple formatting codes while composing, thus making it a snap to copy and paste into the ficwad editor window.

The paragraph breaks from a Mac document transfer across with no problem. If you're finding they're vanishing on Windows, just learn to

at the appropriate time and place. ;)
Hey, whoah, the instructions on this forum say "no HTML allowed" but it just munched my tags! Those were italics tags and a P tag.
It probably just searched for the greater than/less than signs and ate whatever was inside them.

Also, yes, formatting is helpful for not looking silly or breaking one's readers' brains.
how do you write in italics and bold?? what are the codes?
I am not sure you can, if HTML is not allowed. I have never tried it with the stories; I just learned to write without that emphasis. It does list a very limited number of tags you can use. They are given where you paste the story. Hope this helps.
The stories allow you to use >i> and >b> (just switch the front sign to a less-than sign, and use >/i> and >/b> to close it,) but it won't use it on the forums.

Back to topic. If anything is just a big block of text, I just can't read it. I'll try, but I can't. If you copy-paste, it will let you have spaces.
I am bumping this, as it seems there are those who need to read it.