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Migrating older stories here.
Less an issue, more a question:

I just found this site and am intrigued (if a bit nervous about potentially being 'modded down', heh). I generally post my stories to my LJ, but I'm considering migrating a few things here from the Pit of Voles. Some of these would be up to a few years old; I'm just curious if this is frowned upon. I understand if you all just looking for fresh meat. :)

Have browsed around a bit but couldn't find much on the topic, other than the 'multiposting' thread.

Thanks in advance.
I don't see that it is frowned upon. I've brought older stories here myself. Why do you think people might not like it?

One word of warning -- the rating system averages by number of rated chapters and rounds down, so it's kind of hard on multi-chapter stories. I'd recommend migrating your story one chapter at a time, maybe one each week, if what you want is a high rating.
Not frowned on at all. The more the merrier, in fact.