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Female Characters On TV
I think the reason sometimes when a tough female character has a damsel-in-distress moment. It's because maybe one of the male writers was probably wronged by some woman and wants to take it out on the female character.* Maybe one of the male writers got dumped by a girlfriend, or his wife was having an affair, or maybe one of them has a wife who's domineering and posessive. Or maybe one lost his job to a woman, and nowadays, in this country, women are getting more jobs then men, and they're probably pissed about it.

That's probably why Renee from 24 got killed off, or Kono from Hawaii Five-0 had to take five episodes to get her badge back.* That's also probably why in Futurama the Susan Boil thing happened to Leela, and the thing that happened to her in issue #54 of the Futurama comic.

Female Characters On TV
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