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A Massive Thank You because thanks matter.
I reviewed one of fyre byrd's stories, because she happened to be writing about my favorite character in FFX. In her reply, we got to talking a little about an idea I had for an upcoming lemon I was working on, and she pointed out that I wasn't taking it far enough. So I took her advice and turned it into an actual story with a deeper, darker plot. It's at seven chapters and going strong. I've only been writing fanfic since February.

Today, after I tugged her sleeve asking for her opinion about how it's coming out, she's been going through every single chapter I've written and is giving me helpful and detailed feedback and critique, worth its weight in gold. This lady doesn't know me. We've never met before!

I bow down to the writer/reviewer known as fyre byrd, who is being really, really, really kind. :)
Betas are wonderful tools for the writer. And, a lot of writers forget the contributions that a good beta can make. I am glad to see you publicly thank her. You can also do so by mentioning that she betaed the story in your opening statements to the story. I have always found that to be the best way.

You are very lucky to have found one. I just lost my third one, so I know how hard it can be to post without one.
(I posted credit and thanks to her within the story, yep yep! )

Actually, I'm really lucky. I set up a fan-shrine for folks who happen to share my odd tastes in fandom, a listing and teeny reviews for every single story or fanart anyone had posted on my favorite 'ship, and then someone else who was interested set up an LJ community for us, and now suddenly we've got this little gang of about eight writers/readers all egging each other on and encouraging and critiquing each other, to the bewilderment of all the other FFX writers who stare at us and shake their heads since we've squashed two characters together who weren't, in canon.

Nobody else was crazy enough to leave me a review for every chapter though.

LJ is very helpful for bringing people with similar tastes together. The advantage of ficwad is that it allows for ALL of us to have a good, solid, reliable archive. But the weak point is that the fandoms are spread out. I wonder if you might have any luck with LJ groups.

For one thing, you're a drabble expert, and drabbles seem to be very popular on LJ.
(holds lighter for fyre byrd)

I've been a beta and I've betad. This is one of the best and most fruitful fanfiction institutions.