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LONG fics, of the Harry Potter variety...

I recomend DrT's "The Saga of the White Warlock"... It's 147,494 words, well written, and complete too!

Long, eh? Well, if anyone likes HG/SS, i STRONGLY suggest Before the Dawn by SnarkyRoxy on fanfiction.net, Falling Further In by Kaz on fanfiction.net, and Hinge of Fate by Ramos on scribblesandscratches.com All are novel-length fics that are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! go read them now! lol, jk... Also, i don't know a single fanfic-reading HP fan who hasn't read Cassandra Claire's fics on fictionally.org OMG! AMAZING! The Draco Dormiens series are fabulous fabulous fabulous! So, those should keep ya going for a while ;) However, if you're craving HG/SS and you haven't read His Draught of Delicate Poison at fanfiction.mugglenet.com by Subversa, go read it now! Cuz omg, i fell in love with it!! Enjoy!
Cassandra Claire? Never heard of her.

For a long fic or three try BarbLP's Psychic serpent trilogy.
If memory serves they come to about 1750 pages over the three.
Never heard of Cassandra Claire, plagiarist? I have, and I'm not even in the fandom! Check out Journal Fen's bad penny community. 'Nuff said.
Cassandra Claire is only the like, most amazing fic writer ever. Her Draco series is most incredible! Check out her stuff on Schnoogle.com (part of FictionAlly.org). She really is incredible!!
Cassandra Claire is only the like, most blatant plagiarist ever. Pulled _large_ portions of text from a book by Pamela Dean without permission, just changing the names and a bit of text here and there (until she was called on it; THEN she went back to ask permission). Not to mention all the quotes from BTVS, other television shows, and other books. All without disclaimer, at first (again, she was called on it and went back to make a general disclaimer).

Here begins the saga:

"Incredible"? Yeah, that covers it.
watever. lets get back on topic.

The Fire and the Rose at http://www.witchfics.org/fr/index.html is an NC-17 fic (HG/SS). Dunno if it's quite novel-length, but it is long. If ur interested... There are so many fics out there, its incredible.

Actually, anything at http://www.Schnoogle.com (part of FictionAlly.org) is novel-length, so check that out!!

Much love,
Holy shit, Tikatu. THat was...through.
another well written story is Queens of Darkness, Ladies of Light - on this site.

although it is NC-17, an edited version can be found at fanfiction.com
Anybody like Severitus? I strongly recommend Blood Magic by Gateway Girl on schnoogle.com is AMAZING!!
How bout Sevitus? A Year Like None Other by Aspen in the Sunlight on schnoogle.com is absolutely fabulous! (A SnapeAdoptsHarry fic)