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We need more people to read the uncommon categories.
Is it just that people don't like rating my stories or are like no people reading the Kingdom Hearts category. If I am the only one who thinks this I'll shut up, but does anyone see where I'm coming from?
I think there needs to be more fanfiction and fanfiction reading for obscure categories. Final Fantasy X-2 has 50 fics, but Earthbound only has one? [b]I CALL SHENANIGANS[/b]


The fact that the only Earthbound fic is mine couldn't have anything to do with this.

Nothing at all.



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Dudes and dudettes,

It's one thing to say that people need to be reading obscure categories... it's another thing to convince them to do so.

The very nature of fanfiction is the fact that it's written by fans. As such, fanfiction writers fall into the trap of writing for fans as well... and not for general consumption. I've even seen people who say that detailed descriptions are not necessary in fanfiction because the fans reading it already know enough about the series and backgrounds. People who are not part of the fandom are inevitably lost and left uninterested.

It's even harder to capture their attention in the first place. I've tried... honestly I did, to read fanfiction on a series I haven't followed or even watched. No luck. The way most fanfiction pieces are written... I was not encouraged to read more works or even to try out a series.

There is nothing inherently wrong with the qualities I outlined above. It's simply fanfiction... something that fans write for love of the series. And it's the nature of the genre, really.

My suggestions: try to generate interest in your fanfiction not only here in Ficwad but also in other sites that cater to your specific fandom. Maybe slowly, fans of your fandom would find their way to this site and read through your fics.

In the meantime, write because it's something you want to do!

Of course, the above are entirely my opinion and I welcome discussions and arguments on these.
I agree that it's hard to get people to read fics in smaller categories on here. It may in fact be that these categories are only small here. There's millions of Dr Who fics, for instance, but I get the impression hardly any of the thousands of DW fic writers post and review here.

As a way into unfamiliar fandoms, I tend to find that crossovers, if well written, work very nicely for that. As long as you know one fandom, you can get introduced to the other one more or less gently. (It's how I picked up most of my Stargate SG-1 knowledge. That and good betas, of course :-)) But this site isn't set up all that well for dealing with crossovers, really, since 'crossover' is here a sort of genre, and you can't post the same fic twice in each category for the separate fandom (or maybe you could, but that would be cheating). This is fine if only one of the fandoms is represented here, or if one fandom grossly dominates the crossover, but what if both fandoms are present in approximately equal amounts?

If I wrote for feedback, I'd never write anything again, probably. I archive at several places, but I hardly ever get comments (yes, that was a hint ;-))


When I started posting here 3 months ago, folks didn't really stop by my particular category. In a year's time 2 pages of fics had been posted, and about 2 people reviewed 90% of the stories there. Now, within the last WEEK, another page of fic has been posted, all are rated, and all are reviewed here or on LJ. So it looks to outsiders like it's a popular category. But it wasn't!

What happened?

1) I started reviewing every author in the category which got some of them reading mine
2) I created a fansite with my own quick reviews/ratings for every single piece of fanfiction on the ship I liked, be it on ficwad, lj, ff.net, or anywhere else. Ditto fanart. And I let all those authors/artists know they were being featured, if I could track them down, so they'd come look at what everyone else was doing.
3) I created an LJ blog where we could talk.
4) Wouldn't you know it, another enterprising soul created another LJ community on the same ship. Suddenly everyone's posting there and getting interested and we're getting more writers/readers.
5) And then we started affiliating with other folks writing other ships, or genfic, or whatever, and it kinda snowballed.

So, in short --
~ find authors interested in your obscure category
~ contact them.
~ a) promote their work, b) advertise their work, c) review their work, and d) write stuff they'll want to read.

I found that one needs about 4-5 writers before you suddenly hit critical mass and it starts to build. It's NOT that much. We're still mostly getting reading/writing/reviews from the same 5-8 people. But hey. it's enough to make one feel like someone's out there. :)
I think communication is the key to all of this. I think it's a good idea to send messages asking people to check out a fic and give comments. The more people that read them the more we'll get some fair reviews.

For instance, a certain writer wrote an almost illegible story, and, although I enjoyed it, I put down a negative mark. Then the jerk immediatly went to post a negative remark against my story "The Class". It was the ONLY rating anyone posted, so my story got a -1, and NO ONE saw it after that, until someone gave it one more positive remark.

So, if you have a fic you'd like people to read, invitations still work the best. I'm a fan of drama and sci fi.
Re: connections/invitations
Just don't end a review by saying, "Please check out my story!". It smacks of desperation, and can make the author you're begging after feel very uncomfortable. I know, because this has happened to me (not here, on another archive).
I would try to be polite and check out the story, but it was awkward if they weren't really good and the author clearly expected me to gush over theirs because they reviewed mine.
Plain old commenting on a story is usually enough to make me want to check an author's work out, just to see who is reading my stuff.