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the pairing i hate the most? well. it would have to be rikuX/kairi from kingdom hearts. i think the idea itself is cute but the actual pairing makes me feel nausus
I agree whole-heartedly with sparky_lurkdragon. In my opinion, just because a story is AU, it doesn't necessarily mean that it would be OOC. In fact, I read AU's for the sole purpose of seeing how IC the author can keep the characters... and it's fun that way. It's amusing and a nice form of entertainment to imagine my favourite characters in situations outside of the canon. Of course, I have to admit, canon stories are still my favourite... but I wouldn't boycott non-canon fics altogether.

What PikaBot said is true. Harry Potter fandom is just _bizarre_. I dearly hope that whoever came up with the Sirius/Lupin pairing was high on crack when it happened... and doesn't _honestly_ believe in it. Sometimes, I wonder what J.K. Rowling thinks of all this. I mean, surely she is aware of it.

And god dammit... anything that involves MPreg gives me the creeps... honestly.
Thing is, if a character doesn't demonstrate a sexual orientation... does that mean they don't have those feelings? In most movies we are only seeing a snapshot of a character's life, not the whole thing. Some characters may be so wrapped up in another part of their identity that they don't feel a need to explore or display their sexuality during the course of the film. Also, many series feature characters in situations where sexuality is inappropritae. To use Harry Potter as an example, we almost never see Severus Snape as a person. We only see Severus Snape the Professor, Severus Snape the Death Eater, and Severus Snape of the Order of the Phoenix. So is a story dealing with Severus Snape having a sexuality inappropriate? No. If it deals with someone in Hogwarts, probably. If it deals with him being attracted to an OotP member of Death Eater who's already been shown? Probably. But Snape/OC works as long as it's done convincingly and the OC is not a Sue, in my opinion.

Of course, I don't read Snape fic often becuase it's almost always about Snape gettin' jiggy with it. That's most HP fics, actually. That's why I avoid the fandom.

Another example, Odo from DS9. Someone who hasn't seent he whole series would probably peg him as asexual. He keeps up that facade through most of the series. But, he's not. Over the course of the series he falls madly in love with Kira Nerys (or arguably, had already fallen in love with her and begins to show it) and he shows attraction to the Female Founder... and, I believe, to Lwaxana Troi, although it's a different sort of attraction. Sometimes a character's identityi s not readily made apparent, sometimes it is revealed later, etc. Who's to say that in a work set after the piece in question that a character may not choose to display their sexuality?

I am not a person who believes in absolutes. I think that to every rule there is both a perfect case and an exception. Hypothetically, OOC orientation fic (in which a "straight" character is made homosexual, or a "gay" character becomes straight) is bad. But depending on the work done, the writing, just how OOC is it? Where does Canon-probable stop and where does AU begin? Where does AU stop and bad characterization begin? It all depends on the writer, the fandom, the pairing, the fic. One who discounts based on such broad categories risks missing out, both on the truly bad and the wonderfully good.
Minors + Adults. Bleh! And it happens all the time in HP fandom. Also, Kagome/Sesshoumaru, just because people write it all the time. I've found exactly one Sess/Kag story that wasn't horrendously OOC.
I find it absolutely frightening how _popular_ shouta is in HP fandom. I know I've said this before... but personally, if I were put it in JK Rowling's shoes, I'd be terrified of continuing the story for fear of what a couple of twisted fans would do to my beloved characters.

HP Fandom is the sole carrier of all my most detested pairings--those that I simply canNOT stand... and am not willing to give a chance, no matter how wonderfully written that fic may be. Particularly of the yaoi variety. And, it's not because I'm not open-minded or anything... I perfectly understand that what we read in the novels is a mere snapshot of the characters lives, and any one of them could very well be gay, the author just hasn't explored it... but... honestly? No matter how anyone pushes it, I just cannot imagine Tom Riddle getting it on with Harry.

But then...

That's the beauty of fanfiction though, isn't it? _Because_ what we see in the originals are mere snapshots--just as JesusKetchum said wonderfully up there--we're allowed to explore and imagine the other aspects of their lives as we see fit. How well we merge our imagination and the world the characters originally come from is part of the challenge and--at least to me--the incentive to _write_ fanfiction. To make the characters realistic not only to ourselves but to other fans... it's fun. What is OOC or what is IC depends really on the skill of the author, rather than, say, if the story is AU or not.

It's an old worn-out saying... but really, you can't judge a book by its cover. (Though I have to admit I've been guilty of that on several occasions... ^^)

Hmm... I think I just ranted... I've somewhat forgotten what my point was. When I remember, I'll post it. o_o
For Naruto... I hate the gay pairrings obviously... and the pairring I hate the most is Rock Lee and Sakura... Hello! Who would like to be paired with some guy with huge eye brows and a pudding bowl hair cut! He's nice and all (I like the character...) but the pairring is just to weird for me....

My second pairing I hate is Ino and Sasuke... Just not going to work! Sasuke's too cold to be with anyone (ohhh, but he's so hot! What a waste...) And Ino's just... way too in control.
Sasuke/Ino... would not work...
I'm not into slash fiction, but I'm not a homophobe; it's just that I find the slash pairings I usually see or hear of very unlikely, or just downright impossible.

Suppose there were two guys into a TV show who were gay and loved each other. By my reasoning, I wouldn't hate fanfics based on it which had them together, because that's true to the series.

It's when authors make non-gay characters gay that I find myself in disagreement with them.

OK, for example... the slash fanfic authors in the "Stargate: SG-1" fandom who think that Jack O'Neill paired with Daniel Jackson is the way to go. It's pretty darn obvious that they're both heterosexual men who are not into each other, but are good friends nonetheless. In fact, they kind of poked fun at the Jack/Daniel slash idea in the recent episode "200" in that imaginary wedding sequence. But, if you want a couple of lists of women that they've shown interest in or were together with at one point or another (not including Hathor, of course)...

His ex-wife Sara (original "Stargate" movie)
Kynthia on Argos ("Brief Candle")
Laira on Edora ("A Hundred Days")
Kerry Johnson ("Threads")

His late wife Sha're (original "Stargate" movie)
Ke'ra ("Past and Present")
His ex-girlfriend Sarah ("The Curse")

And that's just what I can recall off the top of my head. Of course, there's also Jack's mutual interest in Samantha Carter, which has only worked in alternate dimensions where she never joined the Air Force... oh yeah, and that hilarious time loop thing in "Window of Opportunity".

Or, for example, in the "Harry Potter" fandom... why do some people like pairing Harry with the likes of Severus Snape or Draco Malfoy? Not only does Harry clearly show an interest in girls, but he hates Snape's and Malfoy's guts. And in light of what's happened by the end of Book 6, it's even more unlikely than ever before that he'd jump into bed with either of them.

Sorry if this sounds too rant-y, but it's just been on my mind for a while.
I find this relevant to this conversation:

It sounds like what you object to is OOC. So why does it bother you more when it's slash than when it's hideously OOC gen or het? E.g., a canon character falling madly in love with a Sue?

Ach, whatever. Research has made it pretty clear that sexuality is not a matter of absolutes. It's a spectrum. Myself, for instance; I self-identify as straight, and only actively seek men, but if I met an awesome woman, I wouldn't let labels stand in my way.

To look at it from a we-see-a-slice-of-their-life in a fandom - a guy is going to have to be pretty strongly canted towards gay to self-identify as gay in as homophobic a society as we inhabit. You have to be Dan Savage or David Sedaris. If you have any attraction towards women, even if you also have an attraction for men, it's the former that's going to be accepted and nurtured by society; you'd therefore most likely self-identify as straight. Most fandoms are all about strange and stressful situations, however, in which we go beyond the day-to-day.

Not necessarily, of course! But I won't say 'hell no' to any pairing until I've read the fic. I'd rather read well-written slash between two characters who have not been Officially Declared Gay than mediocre het or gen. Life is too short for mediocre fiction.
My ultimate hated pairing comes from the Harry Potter universe and it's Ron and Harry. I can even begin to fathom how much people that write that pairing must read into the books theres very little of anything that would suggest that pairing.

I mean gah it's a kids book. I also hate it when they pair Dumbeldore and Snape thank the lords these stories are getting harder too find.