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Hi! Oldy Just Visiting
I'm not brand spankin' new here, and I've been on the fanfiction scene for a few years now. I'm nineteen, a college student, and single just in case :). I'm from Alabama, USA. Anyhow, I'm really into Harry Potter, Buffy, Angel, Stargate.... I really don't know what else to say--I just thought I'd drop in since I plan on exploring the forums.
HI SLINKY!! Hehe, sorry. I saw your post and I felt compelled to reply. Anyway, just sayin' "Hi!"

Love you're stories BTW.
omg! FINALLY another HP fan on the "intro" threads!! lol jeez... Hey! I'm also a fanfic vet. (it seems there aren't many on these threads...) I love Snape (duh), anything to do with Harry Potter (except harry/giantsquid lol), and the Legend of Zelda games. Basically. Hope to get to know pps! Love ya!