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Another victim of FP being down....
Well I have converted over to this site due to the foul adn wicked fictionpress not being functionable in the last ,oh 4 days !
I just want to say hello and hintroduce myself , since I am new here .
Well , er, Hi ! I am Confuzzld , also known as Confuzzld Me on fictionpress , and many many other sites . Or some amy know me as M.R.Sanner , a pen name I now use for my writen work .
Please check out my story Frog's , Warts & Kisses , I always love hearing what people ahve to say on it . Oh ! And I LOVE reviewing so send me a message to review something and it is done !
Hi, I'm another disgruntled Fictionpress user. Do you have any idea why it's down? I was so distraught that I searched the internet and found this place. Gah, it's craziness!
I'm just wondering...

Who here already knew about this site long before fp or ff went down? Just wondering because it seems like all of a sudden that everyone is talking about this place and yeah... it was just kinda weird...
yah I totaly know whatcha mean I never ever ehard of this site before ,and I look everywhere for comunities like this !
Ever since fp went down everyone seems to be tlaking about this place !
Anyways , yay a familiar name !!
I found this site after looking for a fanfiction site that hadn't banned scriptfics, because that's the style I write my parodies in.

I think it's pretty stupid to tell writers they can't use a certain style of writing, so I like this site for its flexibility.

Welcome by the way, I'm pretty new, also ^^
yah this site is very flexable and very kewl . I am enjoying it thus far .
I've been a FicWad user for a little over a year now. And I only recently found out about FFN and just today found out 'bout FP. So I guess I fall under the category of "knew about ficwad long before fp or ffn went down." :)
Much love! I wanna meet all the new pps!
Saffy ;)