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Meh fanfic is fun its just a different type of story !! its still gt a begin middle n end !!
n its better than sat infrnt of the t.v !! so hw can u call it sad ? meh
Fanfiction is creative,but people see it as a waste.Christopher Paolini started Eragon off of Lord of the Rings fanfic,and now he's famous!
Yep. I have a friend who wrote quite a long LOTR fanfic. Now she is rewriting it as an original and has a publishing house interested. She is currently translating it into German, her native tongue. So, now, how can fanfic be considered a waste? It has helped me with my original stories. They are not great, but they are mine and give me great pleasure.
>Christopher Paolini started Eragon off of Lord of the Rings fanfic

And published it as a Star Wars fanfic.
No, of course we're not! Fan fiction writing's just a fun and inspirational way to get your more mature writing legs. I think it shows the publishers of the original work that his fans have much love for his work.

Also, it's FUN, isn't it? I think fan fiction is a bit less constricting than other forms of writing because you can do what you want with a story, and sometimes it turns out really good and creative.

You know the movie "Scarface"? The one with Al Pacino? Well, I plan on writing it crossed-over with... um... Sailor Moon (needle scratches in background). How un-constricting is THAT?

As long as it is well written and done in good taste, I think fan fiction is a good way for people to learn how to write and also how to love writing.

Anyway, good question!

God bless,
Gabi Texi

P.S: did Christopher Paolini really do that?
Well, I was alluding to the fact that the plot of Eragon is basically copied from Star Wars and pasted into Middle Earth.