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Dialogue between characters
I cant write dialogue worth a wooden nickle. I could really use some help. If anybody has an idea then please post away.
Always, always, always read your stuff out loud. It gives you a better idea how it sounds. I run through scenes when driving, napping or even in the shower. It helps when I actually sit down to write, as I have an idea of the direction I want to go. I also know how I want a conversation to go. The best thing is to write what you know. Do not try to get too fancy, unless you usually write that way, or are fairly intimate with the style you want to emulate. Good luck. I hope this helps.
Try not to make the dialogue too long--unless a character is giving a speech. Dialogues are quite easy to do once you go over it in your head. But now writing battle scenes, that's a challenge...lol.
Oh boy... I just don't see what all the fuzz is about... although, I guess people do have their defects... anyway, I just write dialogue as though I were talking to someone else. Simple as that. By the way, Silver-kun, haven't you ever explained your story to a friend? Well, wheneve I do, I think what I say could fill a few pages... heh.
I really do not think it is a defect to be better at one thing than another. And, I think it is rather hurtful of you to imply that it is. People come here looking for help. They will be less likely to do so if the "help" they get is demeaning.

And the word is "fuss", not "fuzz". Unless, of course, you mean you do not see what the small linty matter is all about; which then would lead one to wonder about defects.
It helps a lot for me if I mentally "cast" a character as an actor or character I'm familiar with. For whatever reason, it's easier for me to make dialog sound right if I hear someone else's voice speaking rather than my own.

Note - this has nothing to do with "muses".
D'oh, you're right, Rous... bad use of a word... I meant "difficulties", you know? Things people are trying to improve on... seriously, sorry about that slip-up...

Hey, Rous boy, that last comment... um, it's awkward to say so... but it's kinda funny!
Glad I could give you a chuckle. Boy, are you in for a surprise, one of these days.
I like surprises!
Regarding dialog, if you're writing fanfic, it may be helpful to go to the source material and study. Also, don't feel like it has to be EXACTLY like real speech. Real speech is mostly empty and filled with nonsense. Fictional dialog needs to be slightly more compact and meaning-dense--not enough to set off alarms for being too strong or too contrived, but it needs to be slightly more compelling and purposeful than actual speech.

Offtopic: Gabi_Texi, is English your native language?