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This probobly has nothing to d with writing but who cares. Why is it that when someone writes something stupid, everyone replies to it. But when someone else writes something sensible, they never get any replies. Take pinkfroggie06 for example. She wrote something that was sensible, only one response. Then she wrote something offensive, 32 responses. The point is I am curious to know why people go after the rude and stupid comments instead of the sensible ones?
I am not trying to pick a fight, far from it. I just want to know why. I am writing an articale called "The Mishaps of Writing" so I need the truthand explanations.
Thank you for your support. I truely appreciate it.
Sincerly, small_town_girl (Maddie)
I wish someone with IP number access was still active around here, because honey you seem like a pretty transparent sockpuppet to me.
Meaning something like this: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2828044/1/

Why it gets so many replays, well about everyone who reads it gets a wicked feeling of supremacy over the author and wants to confirm that by reviewing, but the truth is. My Immortal was written intentionally bad, that I am convinced of.. She is supreme over all the four thousand reviews she got, and maybe 30 good reviews from ppl seeing through her or really believing in her writing skills, thus not surpassing dutch bonny in their intelligence.
I don't have enough faith in humanity to believe that, myself.
Are you kidding me? How many have deliberately re-registered just so they can defend themselves? I know that you are sixteen, because you say so, and your writing style when posting gives you away. There are certain tells that identify a writer; it tells a reader that so-and-so wrote this, or it tells them the age.

The reason that everyone jumped on her like stink on crap is that she attacked everyone here. And, did it in very badly written English. Then blamed it on her little sister. I understand that you are writing an ARTICLE and would like FIRSTHAND experiences. Well, maybe we agree with the sensible posts, but they along comes an idiot who chastises us for our faults, while nursing a HUGE hole in her own skills. If I could not swim, I would not try to show off by jumping off the high board just to impress the state swimming champs. When you draw that kind of attention to yourself, you must be mature enough to handle the consequences, if not the maturity to have avoided the situation in the first place.
Hi, by now you guys probably all know that i am really 12. I am a fan-fic writer, but no, Rous can't give one freakin review to my fan-fic stories! I write poetry, and most of my stories aren't finished. And another thing, excuse me if I want to have another life besides writing. Like school for example!
Okay, pinkie, I am going to try to explain this in terms you may understand. What I wrote was long before your supposed reconciliation. (That means you tried to make up with all of us.) So, your comment about me comes long after the private e-mails you sent asking to be friends. Check the dates on things you respond to to see if they are still valid. As for responding to your stories, I have, you just did not like what I had to say; so I quit. This is all water under the bridge. Oh, that means it is over and nothing can be done about it now. Let it go. Do not keep rehashing things. (That means you are bringing it up again, and again, and again.) The horse is dead and you should let it rest in peace.

And, tell your alter-ego smallville that she needs to get a clue.
Alter ego smallville... another one?

I will give up.