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If you can see this, the move is done.

Some of you may see it hours before others do. That's DNS propagation for you.
Now, can you do something about the zero views?
time to put my glasses back on, then!
ahhhh, finally :)
hi everybody
this is great news, many thanks!
now, back to reading fanfiction.
I need help.
So does this mean this site has active admin again? I'd really appreciate a response to complaint of plargiarism! Please and thank you!
It was suppose to be down a few hours but for me it was down three days!
Great to hear!
Glad this page is updated. Hope something is done about the zero reviews.
Need this erased.
Any way this fanfic can be erased from your message board?


It was my sister's and she wanted me to post it here. Then I deleted it because she thought it was a waste.
Subject & Seggestion
Hi. New here. I was just looking for Men in Black under movies, but its not there. Also, inFAMOUS under games isn't there. I would be very happy if you could add them, thanks.

Well, anyway. Just wanted to say that during first story or any story for that matter. It doesn't tell you that you have a limited amount of tags you can place a story under for each tag grouping. Then when you submit your complete work it erases everything we've put while finally telling us how many we're allowed. So I think a note underneath the tag boxes would be the very least nice for new users, and a great reminder for reg-users.