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I never took the time to really explore this site's forums (Or fanfiction.net's for that matter) so since I've got time, let me quickly introduce myself.

NAME: Kairi Taylor
AGE: 29
HOBBIES: Writing, Anime, YGO, reading, martial arts
PRIMARY WRITING INTRESTS: Anime series, comics, some old cartoons, Danny Phantom & Fairly Oddparents, Capcom & SNK
DREAM: To be a better writer
REALITY: To go back to college, I'm bored to death here.

I'd post more, but the cats will catch on...
hey you are in Martial arts? so am I but a different kind that came over from Korea in 1969 or so but yeah.
I'm a black tip in Pacific Sun Tae Kwon Do. Would keep going, only I moved and the only Taekwondo branch near me is a different school, so I'd have to start again beats head against wall.