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Pay no attention to the woman behind the curtain...
Hi, everyone! I'm SunTyger, one half of the intrepid team of master programmers (ha!) who run this site. I'd always been a little frustrated with other fiction archives that were almost what I wanted, but not quite. And when Fanfiction.net deleted my account for reasons I'm still not entirely clear on, it sent me into a frenzy of coding that eventually produced FicWad.

I do most of the coding on new features, and I'm generally the voice of the site. My husband Kemayo is the other half of the team, and he fixes all my mistakes for me and answers emails when I've already passed out at my desk. ^_~ When I have time, I like to write a bit (check out my profile, if you want), and in general, I just have too many hobbies.
I would totally welcome you to the forum... but it's your forum, and I'm relatively new to this site to begin with ^^* Apparently not so new as to have the default numerical karma though... But I'm really glad the forums are finally up. I've been looking forward to it almost since I got here. You all seem really nice, and I like this system a lot better than the fanfiction.net one. Partly becuase FFNet's entire goal seems to be weeding out all the good fic by creative restriction, leaving tripe retellings of the same cliche stories across several fandoms...

Okay, I shut up now ^^*.
Hi! waves I thought I'd leave a hello for you. I am enjoying the site, and I cannot wait until more people come by.

You and the hubby are doing a wonderful job, and I enjoy watching the site grow in its contents and its general expansion.

hello! just a random reader-writer here. i love the look of ficwad, it's so, well, so neat. pretty easy to navigate, too. i'm not really a connoisseur of fic sites; all i know is ff.net, mediaminer.org and this, but i really like the look of THIS site. anyway, continue the great work, 'kay?
Hmm, rating & then meta-rating... [the inner engineer interrupts to dredge up long forgotten fragments of control theory] Oooh, feedback loops... Never paid attention to the rating system on slashdot long enough to realise how neatly it could work for fiction... Damn, I've gotten rusty.

The inner anarchist and the inner engineer are now fighting over who is more impressed with the feedback system. I may have to start selling tickets.

So yeah. Nice one, you two. Providing the community at large is at least 51% responsible, this whole thing should take off like... ARGH! [Beats inner engineer over the head with a wrench to pre-empt aircraft geeking]
I too commend you on this gem of a site, a bit more polished and organized than mediaminer, and a lot more freedom than with ff.net!. Good job! I hope this site really becomes the next big fanfiction archive.

I'll refer all my friends to it.
Thanks, guys! I'm glad you're enjoying it here.