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Small visual change occurring. Probably nobody will notice. (I'd appreciate minimal death threats.)

Good to see you active again, Kemayo. Changes look decent so far.
Not such a fan of this change.
I do rather prefer the last site layout.

I'm not usually one for death threats but if you want I could give it a try.
Prefer the old layout.
This one is too 'in your face', and it's screwing with story formatting. Words are being cut in half at the ends of lines, making it a bit tedious to read anything.
mobile problems
I haven't seen this site on my laptop but I mostly view this site from my phone. Now due to the changes the ratings points that used to be in the upper right hand corner now is in the the upper left and is covering some of the screen. On this page for example I can't see all the comments because they are being blocked by it. Although the option to increase font size and in invert the color to white text dark background is nice they don't seem to be working on mobile devices.
Not a bad change, per se, but has issues
The text wrap-around issue (as mentioned by blandgum) is a hue problem that really needs to be fixed as soon as possible, since it genuinely interferes with reading stories.
I also feel like the pages are zoomed-in too much.
Lastly, while I like being able to change to white text on a dark background, the fact that the margins remain stark white is distracting.
Could people mentioning the text issue link me to a story it's happening on, and possibly tell me which browser you're using? I don't see it.
BTW, you wanted a link to a story that is having text issues, here's my response:
"The Power" by Darthbill?
Problem occurs using Firefox 32
Okay, story text in Firefox: improved.