Review for Stolen Hearts; Swollen Egos

Stolen Hearts; Swollen Egos

(#) alyssaatthedisco 2007-07-09

That was such a funny chapter!And it was great because the entire thing wasn't hilarious, it was only at the right moments. And you showed more of Musetta this time and how hard it is for her. I wouldn't have really guessed that before without thinking about it, so overall this was a really good chapter! Be proud!! clap and huggles muchly

Author's response

And, thank you for your reviews! I hope this chappie made you feel bettar?
Anyway, I had gone off on so many tangents (and the Ryan/Saffron stuff always gets in the way LOL) when I realized WOW, I actually need a plot. LOL. I do love Musetta, and I thought I'd reveal a bit more about her. THANKS AGAIN ♥