Review for Harry's Return

Harry's Return

(#) Alorkin 2007-09-21

This is just great! Harry ain't a'gonna play Dumblefutz' chessgame. Plus, he has te magical, political and monetary power to back up his position. Heh heh heh!

He's taking his own actions, and as far as I can see, his way is working pretty well. He has shown a fair-dealing side, by asking Arthur to null Ginny's side of the marriage contract, before nulling his. His advice to Sirius pulled the teeth from Dumbles' laws, and gave the twinkly one, a pounding headache. My one concern is Hermione.
Despite JKR's assertions, Hermione is anything but a brainless, screeching, harpylike bimbette. However, in this story, she never knew Harry and so, I can understand her falling into Dumbledore's 'you can trust me' trap. (H/Hr shipper here! Although H/T is my second favorite. Grins shamelessly)

Harry's method of killing the Deez is a nice change to the usual "We can never even consider using a muggle weapon to fight wizards, despite the fact that they are faster, more accurate and far more deadly."

I have added this to my 'alerts' list and hope to read more at your convenience. Alorkin