Review for Power of Polyjuice outtakes

Power of Polyjuice outtakes

(#) stealacandy 2008-02-23

Yep, I already have one chapter mostly written, another in the making, and, I'm posting a note on my "Power of Polyjuice" fic on to let my readers there know about this new story over here on FicWad, but due to regulations I'm not allowed to simply post an author's note (not that it ever stopped anyone before, I get update alerts that turn out to link to no more than notices all the time. Still, unlike others, _I_ play by the book!) as a chapter, it actually has to have a story in it, so I wrote a short one for there as well, so I'll either post it here too, once it comes back from my BETA, or add a link to the thing to one of the other outtakes.

Hopefully I'll post the next chapter sometime the coming weak.

Till then, adieu!


P.S. does anyone know how to post a reply to the review, instead of a new review? I saw someone who did it, but I can't find any option of "reply" anywhere!



Author's response

Chulk this out, find it - through "My Account"/Reviews/Respond.

Should put it in the "Reviews" section for the individual stories as well.

Then again, last time theytried any new renovations, the site was down under for weeks, probably better not to touch anything...