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Outtake 1 - The Restricted Section

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Harry Potter is trying to get into the Restricted Section of the school library. Instead he finds himself, one could say, in the restricted section of FictionAlley... and gets into, or between the ...

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A/N: New Omake, just because I'm evil! Mehahahahahahaha!

I wanted some semblence of having stories posted on my profile here on FicWad, but the damn site vanished my story "His Equal (a Little Prick)" and no matter how I tried to fix it, it won't come back. I even tried to delete it and post it anew, but to no avail. And the funny thing is, the word count is correct! Even after adding a few paragrephs, it updated, but the story still doeans't appear. I tried to contact FicWad, but I can't find any contact information either. I posted a question about it in the Help forum, but got no replies.

So instead, I decided to post this short ficlet. It goes with my old "Harry Potter and the Power of Polyjuice" story, whic I posted on (

I would have posted it here, too, but it's too much of a bother to struggle with the post stories system here. Either way, this small ficlet can stand alone, on its own right, so you don't need to read the entire fic to enjoy it, although it is recomanded, if I do say so myself.

I still have to come up with a good name for this short one, though, so if you can think of any, I'm open for suggestions.


Discalimer: I don't own the intelectual rights for the idea of a student/teacher affair. Sadly, it is all too common in the real world out there - and even sadder, it's all too common in fanfiction. And I'm aiming to please... I mean, I was aiming for funny, not sad.

I also don't own the intelectual rights (or any other kind of tights.. I meant rights, but yeah, I don't own any tights either,) for Harry Potter, they belong to some old school teacher, too.


Harry Potter and the Power of Polyjuice /outtakes/:

1. The Restricted Section

Harry was desperate to find a way to reign Luna in. He already had a wife for each week of the year, if he didn't stop her somehow, he would soon be stradled with a wife for each day of the year! Or each night, as it was. He was tired, too tired, already.

What to do? What to do? What would Hermione do?

"Go to the library, of course," he snorted.

"Huh?" asked the aformentioned witch.

"Oh, nothing," said Harry.

'Well, that might work', he surmized. Perhaps the library does hold something about obssesively collecting wives. But he somewhat doubted the main body of the library would hold the solution for that particular collecting obssesion. 'Perhaps the Restricted Section?' he mused. 'That sounds about right. Now, how do I get there?'

There was inly ine thing to it. Hermione would go to the library, but Harry... Harry would...

Harry turned to the wizard's best friend - a phial of Polyjuice Potion. Going through a mental list of his curent resources, he went to his supply cabinet and withrew a second small phial, from which he took a graying hair, popped it into his Polyjuice, and drank the foul concoction.


Professor McGonagal was loneley. And horney. 'Time to find Fillius!' she thought. she went to look for him, but- 'there he is!' she happily saw him waking her way. And he was dresed in his mismatched Gryffindor uniform too! Her favourite role-playing game! Aparently Fillius was feeling just as lonely and horney as she was today.


Harry was strolling along the corridor on his way to the library, when professor McGonagallcame out of her office, took one lok his direction, and went his way.

"Mr. Potter!" she said, sternly, as only she could.

'What?' Harry wanted to cry. 'How on Earth did she know it was him? didn't the polyjuice take hold?' Harry was sure he felt the transformation - it was rather unpleasent, not something you could miss. 'Then... what? Shit!' he thought. 'I'm still wearing my Gryffindor uiform! How could I be so careless?' he chucked it to his desperation with the Luna situation. 'Well, I'm caught now,' he thought. He hesitated. "Err... yes, professor?"

"Come, come, Mr. Potter." said his Head of House. "Do come in."

"Yes Professor."

"Sit down, Potter," she said. Harry set down. "Have a bisquit." harry took the offering and started muncing on it.

"You have been a bad boy, Mr. Potter. A very bad boy." said McGonagal. Harry shivered. Has his Head of House started channeling professor Umbridge? "A bad, nasty, naughty boy, Mr. Potter," professor McGonagall continued. "And bad boys should be punished, you DO know that, don't you, Mr. Potter?"

The next thing Harry knew, Minerva McGonagall was sitting on his lap! "Oh, yes, Mr. Potter!" she exclaimed. "Punished most severely! I think a detention is in order..."


Nigh to an hour later, McGonagall was purring contendedly in Harry's petrified arms. "You were a bit detetched today, Fillius, a little removed."

'Wait, what?' Harry thought. 'Now she thinks I'm profesor Flitwick? I thought she knew who I was?'

"So far away, like your brooding hero...what's the matter, dear, afraid of your little pussycat?" Harry gulped. "Still, good. You laster thrice as long as you normaly do, Fillius." McGonagall sighed and closed her eyes, cuddling closely to him.

Harry was appaled., Realization hit him. That was some sort of a sick sex game for his Head of House! The teacher punishing the bad student - an HE was the student! If Harry felt like crying before, now he felt like being sick. But just as he felt like being sick, he also began to feel an itch - an all too familiar itch that could only mean one thing. An hour has passed, and his time was up. And he was trapped here, in his Tranfiguration teacher''s bed - and in her tight hold! He gurgled aloud.

"What is it, Fillius?" asked McGonagall. She opened her eyes. "Fillius?" she inquired, as she saw him begining to shift. Then- "MR. POTTER?"


Hope you enjoyed it, and if you have a headache now, then my work is done.

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