Review for Unexpected Stars

Unexpected Stars

(#) Demenior 2006-08-03

oogles over the Phantom of the Disclaimers

omigosh! NEIL? Poor, poor baby-boy!

dodges the still-fighting lawyer brothers

XDD My favorite lines from this chapter had to be 'Not unless the laptop came to life and could only be kille dby a whip' and '... declared it unsafe for human use since he had been tampering with it'

You're a gem of an author. Seriously, I wish I could write such a complex, enjoyable story as you! I hope Neil will be okay thoguh sad face

And what about Theresa's dream? WHY IS THERE ALWAYS THAT JAY/THERESA MIX? hm? TELL ME!

Tulais growls

whispering now as not to anger Tulais So, you'd better update soon missy saves you from being eaten to death by the chapter because I need to see what's going to happen the the gang- SOON!