Review for Caught Up In This Web

Caught Up In This Web

(#) Mo_Was_Here 2010-01-18

HAPPY MILK DAY MOTHER EFFERS! haha just kidding :P
and it was really great! you should totally have made Gerard have a hard on. i would have laughed so much that i'd die.
AND TWO UPDATES IN TWO DAYS?! DAMN! keep em rolling betcch :)
lurve you!

Author's response

Ha ha I lurve you too MoMo!

Ahhhh updating so much makes my head hurt! I had such horrible nightmares last night.. I had a dream that ALL my chapters weren't green anymore, and then a bunch of people hated this one and sent me hate mail >.>

Oh! I almost forgot to tell you.. that originally.. I had put "I straddle him fully blah blah blah. His hands rub down to my hips and he grinds against me, the bulge in his pants pressing erotically against my thigh" but, well.. I didn't like it. So hah!