Review for One Image Tells All...

One Image Tells All...

(#) VendettaEmma 2010-04-16

Hey, this is cool!
Um..hmm, I'd love to audition-but you pick whatever you want me to be!
Name: Emma Agony (Real name: Emelia Penelope Argonia) Nicknames: Emz, Emmy, EMMAsaur!, Emmerz, PrincessJenga (Wierd story: I got this nickname because at a geek social I whooped everyones ass at Jenga, pretty sweet though right?
Looks: I'm tall (5'8) and thin. Sort've gangly, I'm pretty much flat chested (only an A cup, tear lol) I have long straight blonde hair that flows to the center of my back. I don't have any cool colors in my hair now. But, previously I've had blue streaks, and I died it dusty lavender completly! :O