Review for High School

High School

(#) TakeThisToMyGrave 2010-12-08

You want to know what I think, eh?
I think it's pretty damn enjoyable ;)
I'm enjoying the simplicity so far.
It's not too detailed, but it isn't exactly lacking detail either. Which suits the story brilliantly.
I love stories were Frank plays that 'relaxed, I don't give a fuck.' Kind of person, it's exciting.
I'm hoping something happens in maths, poor Gee, no one likes maths D;
Part from maths teacher, but they're just weird..
But, all in all, wonderful story, looking forward to the next chapter :D

Author's response

hehehe thanks, glad you like it :)
and yeah, maths teachers are very strange people... the maths teacher in this story is based on my evil maths teacher haha xD