Review for Legendary


(#) MCRmygirl 2011-02-01

My dearest Emo Ker-Bear, I am going to leave the world's longest review.

If you do not start updating more often, as I have, I will have to find you at that little Catholic school and eat you.

If you do not tell me what you think of the new possibly one-shot, possibly two-shot that I posted, I will find you at your house in that little-ish town and eat you.

If you do not give me an idea of how I am to clean the basement and raise another forty dollars and thirty cents for the party quickly, I will find you at Wal-Mart and eat you.

If you end "We're Not Okay" where it is right now, I will eat you in Danger Days.

So, in SOME WAY I will eat you. "If my demands are not met, a disaster beyond your wildest imaginations will occur." ~Phantom

OH That's another thing! If you do not see The Phantom of the Opera and tell me what you think, I will eat you in your SLEEP!

Lol so do you think this is the longest review ever? I think it is. Maybe? How bout now?

And you though YOU babbled!!!!