Review for Without the Awkwardness

Without the Awkwardness

(#) LabRat 2011-09-04

Yeah, no need to wonder what one of the motivations of Hermione hooking up with that Sioux chap was.

HA! I knew Luna wasn't nuts. It's always fun to read stories where Luna actually finds the creatures she'd spent her youth teased about. I love reading it, and adding my own, "IN YO FACE!", every time I do so.

That was an enjoyable read, it was.

Author's response

I figured I owed Hermione for taking Harry from her. She deserves a good, Weasley-free life.

I do like Luna, but I find it next to impossible to write her and keep her believable. She, too, deserves happiness and, to me, that means her 'innerestin' critters'.

Thanks for reading and I'm glad you enjoyed it.