Review for Story Auditions

Story Auditions

(#) bloodbunny15 2012-03-10

Name: Andy Nightingale

Nickname: Andy, Batman

Age: what ever fits

Part: gerard's guy (you know what i mean)

Looks is split for detail
Hair colour and how it is usually worn: short, black spikey hair with red bangs spiked at back

Eyes: hazel

Skin tone: pale-ish

body type: skinny

any tattoos or piercings: a black lip ring and a tattoo on his left wrist saying "never give in"

makeup: eyeliner

clothes you normally wear: green day and black veil brides merch, skinnies, vans or converses and studded belts

clothes for a special occasion (like a school dance) : red tie, converses or vans, plain black tee, leather jacket

clothes for a special witch ceremony type thing (include any changes to hair or makeup): hair less spiked but still spiked up, mascara, asking alexandria or panic! at the disco tees, rubber bracelets, vans or converses or doc martens and a pentagram pendant

likes: music, drawing, playing guitar and poetry

dislikes: assholes, most authority and homophobes

personality: very quiet and shy at first but is very rebelious and creative, bit of a badass, likes taking risks, never gives a damn attitude, quite talkative but knows when to shut up

Favourite colour: red or black

Lucky number: 13

Favourite gem stone: onyx

a few interesting, random facts about yourself: originally blonde, watches the voice, met green day before and is obsessed with skittles

music taste: green day, black veil brides, fall out boy, bowling for soup, panic! at the disco, the used, all time low, 30 seconds to mars, evanescence, falling in reverse, asking alexandria, kiss, motley crue, the misfits, a day to remember, blood on the dance floor and asking alexandria

why did you chose to be a good or a bad witch? good because he was fascinated by them and always wanted to live their lifestyle and fanticised (sp?) about having magic powers

What is your favourite spell? stopping time or setting things on fire

Do you enjoy having your powers? yep

Thoughts on humans that have no powers: their still people after all

Anything else: he's bisexual

hope you like it :)