Review for Audition


(#) bloodbunny15 2012-03-24

Part: Atlantian queen

Name: Esmerelda Edwardian

Age: (remember if an Atlantian what I said in the note above)345 looks 22

Personality: very sinister and cunning, intelligent, witty, can come up with a good comeback, very mature, responsible, cruel and a bitch when needed but does have a touching kind side

Likes: drawing, long walks and darkness

Dislikes: too many happy people, bright colours and people who disrespect her and her orders

A few interesting facts: can be caring, has bipolar, secretly likes music and is an artist

Clothes: dark corsets or dark dresses (long preferably), high heels with skulls or combat boots (the knee high ones) and chains

Hair: waist length, black with a red streak on the side

Eyes: changes colour so either purple, crystal blue or red (depending on mood)

Makeup: eyeliner, pale foundation

Any piercings/tattoos: a black lip ring and a tattoo on her left wrist saying "fallen angels"

Brief description of body type, skin tone, height ect: skinny, tall (5'11) but has muscle and pale-ish complexion

Anything else: nope

For the Atlantians

How do you react when the explorers find the city? shocked but kinda knew it was coming

Do you remember anything from the day Atlantis was lost beneath the waves? yes a blue topaz necklace worth millions

Did you think that anyone would ever find the city? yep eventually

For the Atlantian Queen(please fill in the above as well)

How do you rule the city? she mainly makes the decisions with help from her advisors

Are you well liked? not really but people like her

Is lynz an actual relation to you or did you just take her in? found her on the doorstep to the palace and i took her in as my own and raised her

hope you like it :)