Review for I'm giving you all my fucks.

I'm giving you all my fucks.

(#) KilljoyKid 2012-06-07

Hello. Just an idea I had... to help improve this page of course...

Now, before I say anything, keep in mind I am a fellow MCRmy member and so I can't be all that bad, can I? Can I? :L Also, I'm not a hater or a troll. Like Trolly McTrolololerson, aka TiffanyRose. Such a pretentious name :L

But, down to business :) So, we're all getting a bit defensive to the trolls- as we should! They need to piss off back under there bridges, and then the bridges need to be set on fire! But, while all that is fine and dandy, it means that the MCR page is kind of being filled with messages to and from the trolls.

While there is not much we can do about the messages from the trolls except rate them down and ignore them, we can try clear up the rest of the messages floating around.

For example, we can delete any irrelevant stuff from our pages, such as author notes that we have as a story of there own that are no longer of importance, like... like say if I had one telling my readers that it would be a while until the next chapter of my fic was going to be up, except the story is now finished, so I don't need it on this any more, so I would delete that because, there's no need for it anymore. Am I explaining this okay, or...?

So, not to be a bitch, but maybe after a couple of weeks when some of this troll war has settled a bit, and this is kind of no longer so relevant, maybe you would delete it? Only after the war is ended and this is no longer needed of course. Hell, I'm with you! Down with the Trolls!

But anyways, maybe when this is all a thing from the past you'll delete it. That way readers in the future won't be all confused and won't have to swim through hundreds of pages of hate messages for the troll army :)

Just, keep in mind I'm No way all all a troll... rhyming is great :P

So, yeah, just my tuppence worth on the matter really :) Kind regards,
XoxoxoDetonaterGirlxoxoxO, Aka Megan :)