Review for Auditions!!!!!


(#) bloodbunny15 2012-06-16

Name- Rose Lee Nikolson

Age- 19 but change if needed

Part- The dollmaker or a victim not bothered really :)

Hair- short, choppy, black with purple bangs

Eyes, Skin and Makeup- hazel eyes, pale-ish complexion and eyeliner, mascara, black/purple eyeshadow

Personality- very sneaky, can be backstabbing but to friends she's loyal, funny, sarcastic, dirty-minded and full of revenge and hate

Piercings/Tattoos- a black lip ring, a tattoo on her left shoulder blade of a dragon and the words "we are the fallen angels" on her right arm from wrist to elbow

Relation to Frank- if dollmaker friend of a friend (Gerard), if victim his cousin

How she was murdered- if she's the victim, walking home through the forest, got tied upside down to a tree and gutted her while she was still alive (intestines and everything) and left there hanging upside down

How she reacted to the murders- if she's the victim, kinda nervous then slowly started to panic as the amount of dead bodies increased

hope you like it :)