Review for Audition!!!!


(#) bloodbunny15 2012-07-10

Name : Jackson Lee Nikolson

Skype Messenger name : JaxxTheDrummerBoy

Gender : male

Looks : short choppy black hair spiked at back and back dyed purple, hazel eyes, 5'6, skinny, pale-ish complexion

Age (15 - 17 ) : 17

Are you self conscious ? : yes

What was your childhood like? (BE ORIGINAL) : originally from Florida, he moved to where the story was set when he was 7 and he was abused (still is), he got bullied at school but the bullying got worse when he came out as bi aged 12 and his boyfriend (Dylan) commited suicide aged 13 so he fell into depression and started cutting, his mother and father are extremely homophobic so he hasn't some out yet and his father is a raging alcoholic and drug addict who says that Jaxx will never amount to anything but he still dreams of becoming a drummer which people have teased him for including his mother who wants him to go to Yale instead of notgoing to uni and moving to Los Angeles to chase his dream, which is what he wanted. (yep... that's all i got)

If it was a bad childhood which MCR guy knows about it or does anyone know about it? : someone knows about it and that's Frank

One favourite band : Black veil brides

Band you hate alot : One direction

Talents : drumming, writing stories and drawing

Anything else : nope

hope you like it :)