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Personalized Stories

(#) bloodbunny15 2012-08-23

Name: Jackson Nikolson

Age: 16

Your character's looks and personality: 5'7, skinny-ish, pale-ish complexion, hazel eyes, nose ring, short black choppy hair spiked at back and dyed purple. He's shy at first but funny, witty, intelligent, random, rebelious, sarcastic and weird

Your character's dislikes and likes: likes playing drums, drawing, having fun, going to the park and playing video games. Dislikes homophobes, school, bullies and assholes

Band(s) you want: MCR, BVB and ATL

Genre of one-shot you would like: angst and a hint of romance

Plotline: Jackson is new to school and is getting bullied for being gay and the Ways live next door to him so they hang out with the my chem boys until maths when none of them are in except for Jackson and he meets Andy and Ashley from BVB and he sits with them at lunch and then walking home becomes friends with Jack and Alex from ATL. Problem is all the bands are rivals and fight to become Jackson's friend. Then Jackson falls for Andy

Pairings (optional): my OC and Andy, Frerard and a bit of Jalex

hope you like it :)