Review for Just stop, please, don't ever stop.

Just stop, please, don't ever stop.

(#) Silver_Electric 2012-08-27



His adorable awkwardness!

So sad. ;c

I love how you included Frankie being a pixie again cx

Ohh nooooo! The end. Its coming!

Yessss! The Ending!

I'm being a weirdo aren't i?


I'll stop now.

Update soon? c:

Author's response

'OhMyFuckingOldCheese' I'm so using that. Can I use that? I'm using that. Yeah, the end is nearing. I'm thinking about a sequel though. Depending on. I wrote out four different endings and four sets of chapters for each different ending leading up to the end. So, I'm still figuring out what to go with. It's freaking hard. Anywho. Thanks for your review :)