Review for Quiet, Now. They're Showing the Rapture!

Quiet, Now. They're Showing the Rapture!

(#) Mirazal 2012-11-29

This needs to happen more often! I LOVED THIS OMG

Wow, I feel horrible saying that... but this is hilarious.

Don't worry, I already knew he was the Devil.

I need a teenage Frank in my life. -sighs-

Umm, yeah... update again soon please!!! :D

Author's response


You've made me so happy.

XD Please do tell me when it gets less funny. I was trying to do a thing and I just finished writing that other story 'bout the murderer and it was dark up in here.

SIGHSIGH. I need them all in my life. I do that thing with the tofurky. That's the only reason I eat it. Honest to GAWD. SLURPSLURP.

:D I will by tomorrow or some shit.