Review for The Devil in the devil in me?

The Devil in the devil in me?

(#) upinflames 2012-12-01

dude, satan has the power to kill people he wants? i mean, yeah, he's satan, but. what. i feel like i haven't been thinking about things my whole life. also, when "my little nutcase" happened, i thought of a mini accordion case filled with cashews. for some reason i associate cashews and accordions with satan.

*facepalm* ... what even is that^

anyways, i'll stop talking now and read the rest. i promise the rest of the commentary will be less neurotic. sorta. eh. i can't say i'll try very hard. keep it up, this shit is fucking hilarious.

(i'm sorry i sound like a dick, the internet made me that way...)

Author's response


You're funny.

And thank you! Yeah, I'm kinda stuckish...But it'll pass, m'lil'nutcase.