Review for Leave Britney Alone

Leave Britney Alone

(#) CarcinoGeneticist 2012-12-08

Didn't this happen like three months ago? It's old news. Stop buggering on about it. So a whole bunch of people don't like you. Oh my God, that's so unfair, we should definitely stop being unfair to you and hold you at a high level of respect.
Life doesn't exactly work that way. People suck, and they're not exactly going to be nice to you just because you whine about it.

You shouldn't have declared support for Tiffanyrose in the first place, because everyone hated her. It's bad public relations. People will forgive you for doing a few bad things, but I don't think you'll recover from this, especially if you keep mentioning it. If you did support her, you probably should have just sent a small message instead of dragging it out for a few months.

Author's response

EXACTLY ITS OLD NEWS! I posted this FOREVER AGO! All I did was change the title, as I said many times before. I'm not still going on about it or 'dragging it out' for the drama. Oh my gosh. I've already recovered. I seriously am out of all the ratstooths, I can't give A SINGLE RATSTOOTH!

I know that this is how life works, everyone isn't going to like me. Don't talk to me like I'm 5, because I'm probably older than you. In actuallity my life is shit, I accept it and move the fuck on. Just like I did with what happed AGES AGO! Can I not change a title with out all the high and mighties getting on my fucking case? Nobody likes me anywhere ever, I get that, I accept that, I move the fuck on. I don't regret voicing support for Tiffany, I never said I agreed with everything she did. People support priest that they know for a fact molest kids (awful analogy nut proves my fucking point)

Also It's not like I'm cluttering up you precious MyChem category.