Review for We're Going To Die In The Firefight But This Isn't Suicide

We're Going To Die In The Firefight But This Isn't Suicide

(#) CarcinoGeneticist 2013-01-03

Dude. Put some enters in here. It's making me go cross eyed. And you've got a ton of grammar mistakes.

"These Killjoy's stories begin with the end. You will know the end and then walk with them through their stories. The Helium Apocalypse and the need to survive, binding them to a scary fate."
That's just the intro.

It's not your fault. I'm a grammar nazi in general, and I saw a bunch of stories with a lack of any sort of syntax, so I'm sort of lashing out at you. Sorry. Wrong place wrong time.

Author's response

Well thank you for the review, but say!! What did you think about, ummmm, the story itself? And not to be to rude but you're defiantly not a grammar "Nazi". Nazi were people who killed. You just happen to not like bad grammar and take it upon yourself to correct people on their grammar. You're more like, oh I don't know, a teacher? Or a parent trying to help their child with homework? Besides the fact that your not teaching me or that you not my parent helping me with homework. I hope you find nicer stories with better grammar and that you had enjoyed my story, other than the grammar.