Review for From The Desk of a Moocow

From The Desk of a Moocow

(#) Videl 2013-04-12

Evie, I know you will see this, and I know its been a long, long time.

I realized something in the fact that I still love Fall Out Boy like that 14 year old writing fanfiction once was. It will never die, because they meant something more than a band to me, or some funny guys to write stories about. It got me through everything I've been through. I was being abused by my uncle, when I turned 16 I got away from it and that's when I turned away from the internet and attempted to live real life. It took me almost 5 years to realize that, though I use to write stories, and be somewhat ashamed that I did because I thought it made me a creep and no life, I wrote and read stories, in order to feel alive. Specifically, YOUR stories. They got me through a lot, they gave me hope, they gave me an outlet. They inspired me to LIVE my life and stop being afraid of it.

I realized being on this community is not something to be ashamed of, because even though it may not be much to other people, it got me through my days and inspired me.

I remember the letters, and the pictures I drew you, but most of all your stories.

So thank you Evie, for showing me that, I really am grateful and will never forget it.