Review for Auditions


(#) CarcinoGeneticist 2013-07-08

You should make one of the kids named Stacey. Just because. Then. Stacey's mom would have it going on.
Now that I've gotten that out of my system, I can audition like a mature human being.

Name: Elvis Smythe

Age: 25

Hair: Ginger.

Eyes: Blue.

Ethnicity: Well, he's pretty sure he's white. Seeing as both his parents have dark hair, and he's a ginger with blue eyes, he's filled in the blanks himself. Since his parents never brought up the subject of adoption with him, he's pretty sure he's a bastard kid. But he's not entirely sure who his real father is.

Height: 6'8".

Personality: Elvis is more or less batshit insane, but that's probably due to spending his golden years living out Requiem for a Dream. Has a resting twitch (twitch that is more active when he isn't doing anything) which is him rubbing his left index finger against his thumb.
The twitch is caused by a past brain injury. Brain injury caused by automobile accident which could have been a possible suicide attempt.
Although the twitch is the most noticeable symptom, it's not the last.

Symptoms include:
-Telling stories that tend to go nowhere and are usually socially inappropriate.
-Telling jokes that are inappropriate in various social situations.
-Trouble regulating emotions.

Basically, Elvis is not a social animal. He cannot interact in high-pressure social situations. He cannot hold a job, or make friends, and most of his brain cells were spent doing meth.
Although come to think of it, Elvis is a very gifted meth chemist.
He often repeats phrases such as "And they named the Bastard Elvis to make up for the royalty he lacked." "Brick by brick by brick..."
"Where's home, Peter?"
and has picked up the habit of repeating names because his amygdala leaves a lot to be desired.

Which part: Creepy homeless person!

Why: I think I fit him quite well for the role, but to be perfectly honest I just want to get rid of him. If you could take him, that'd be great. I've got far too many crazy boys to deal with at the moment, and Elvis really needs a good home. Besides, I think it'd be fun to see what you do with him.