Review for Stolen Hearts; Swollen Egos

Stolen Hearts; Swollen Egos

(#) alyssaatthedisco 2007-01-25

Aw, I still think Ryan and Saffron are so cute. Doing naughty things. Tut! Tut! It's really amazing the amount of depth you have to the characters. They are all very complex and that usually isn't an easy thing to do. You show the good and the not so good points of the characters. Well done! Oh, and I'm sorry I didn't end up coming back in time to catch you yesterday, but I hope to talk to you soon!


Author's response

Wow! This really made my day, hee. I'm so glad you appreciate my writing and enjoy it that much! I never though you could get so much from just reading two rather show chapters. HEH. Saff and Ry- They're always so clean cutsie in my head, I had to make them to something, cough, naughty. XD And, don't worry 'bout that! We'll chat soon.