Review for A Catastrophe, Destined To Be

A Catastrophe, Destined To Be

(#) alyssaatthedisco 2007-01-25

Oh my gosh! I got a dedication! blushes profusely! Thank you! And if you keep writing awesome chapters, I can't exactly tell you which one is my favourite now can I? Gah! Another awesome one! You put so much detail into things it makes it really believable and real. Having them on for the premiere was great too! You made the VJ sound exactly like what a VJ would sound like. You seem to have a talent for things like that. And the ending sequence where she is so excited about being mocked is great! I can see Saffron grinning madly and a little sparkle in her eye. :) I was also wondering when Brendon's little crush might pop up again. Great chapter! I can't wait for the next one! And in the meantime, more studying. cries out of wont of pity.


Author's response

Ah! I just. I love you okay? XD I don't know how else to respond to reviews like yours. huggles muchly