Review for A Catastrophe, Destined To Be

A Catastrophe, Destined To Be

(#) alyssaatthedisco 2007-01-27

Yayyy!! That was great! Very humiliating for the both of them! Nice job on the school girl thing! is only too familiar with it And Ryan in his underwear! WEEEEE!!! drool I must say, go Brendon and Jon-with camera crew. Now, if only that really would happen so we could all see Ryan in his underwear. 'Twas another great chapter.Oh, and I have three words for you to conclude this: Damn the passion!

Author's response

WEEEHEE. puts on "Sirens" Thank you thank you thank you! Chatting with you broke my brief writer's block LOL, it really did. Parting imaage: Mrowr.