Review for You're all so fucking gay.

You're all so fucking gay.

(#) sing4me09 2007-02-18

what the hell...?

Who are you to tell people how to spend their time?

Writing fanfiction is an awesome way to begin writing, because the background has been predeternmined for you.

And people can write about any band or person they want, it doesn't matter if they are ass holes in real life, that's why we write stories about them.

Speaking of stories, maybe you should take a second to think and realize it's called fanFICTION. Thus in the title telling you it doesn't even have to be acurate or true, that's the glory of FICTION.

And excuse me but how many times have you met Pete Wentz, Jared Leto or Brendon Urie in real life? Oh that's right, none, so don't tell people what to think about them since you don't know them.

Perhaps if you did actually personally know them you could pass judgement, but since you do not, maybe you should just mind your own business and let people write what they want to write.

And I love your modesty..."This is probably going over all your fucking heads." Wow I'm definately going to listen to someone who has already decided that they not only are better than me, but smarter as well. How old are you 12? Maybe I would respect your opinion if you could use more language that are actual words and not the word fuck, but since you can't you should do one of the following three things, 1. Shut up, get a life, and let people do what they want, 2. Just don't read it, which is the simplest way to get over it, or 3. My personal favorite, take a note from Darwin please and eliminate your stupidity from the human race.

Get over yourself.

I'm sure telling yourself you are better than everyone else makes you feel less incompetent and like you are an actual help to the human race, but since no one cares I would like to refer you to the three previous solutions.

Author's response

You have good points. Who the fuck am I to be telling people how to spend there time? No one. But there is a lot better things to do with yout life.

hella sweet, because I hella said I was better than all of you. No, I didn't. No, I'm not 12. Honestly, I apretiate what you said, and honestly, I don't care if I say FUCK a lot. It's a frequently used word in a lot of people's vocabulary.

I watch a lot of interviews and I like to write, I know things about people. And for your information, you think I'm being a bitch, take a look at what you're giving back to me. Cool, I love you.

God. This site is so fucking iritating and so is everyone on it. And you haven't changed my opinion. I still think people are wasting their time fantisizing on something they'll never have. I mean, I guess I'm a hypocrit there but I'm not telling people to be like me, I'm telling people to get original.

I don't know who the hell Darwin is.

i think you're a bitch, but you shouldn't care. I'm sure you get that alot. And if you don't, you should.

I don't care if people over the internet don't like me, I'm never going to meeet them and I don't want to.

Have a good day. (: