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Chapter 20 - The jetset life is not gonna kill you

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On the plane!

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Chapter 20 – The jetset life is not gonna kill you

“Where are we sitting, Bren?” Ryan followed Brendon to the back of the plane, until he stopped beside row ‘P’.
“P, a and b, I think. Hang on. I’ll just check,” Brendon retrieved the boarding passes from his bag, nodded and began stowing it in the over-head lockers.
They sat down and began flicking through the channels on the Tvs, on the back of the seats in front. The airhostess walked down the aisle, a life jacket in her hand. Ryan noticed she looked bored, like she had done the same thing a thousand times before, which she most likely had.
She began her pre-rehearsed monologue of pointing out the exits and how to put on a life jacket. “In the event of an emergency, put your head between you knees…”
Brendon leaned over to Ryan and whispered “and kiss your ass goodbye!”
“Or the person next to you!” Ryan whispered back, giggling quietly.
“What?!?!? Kiss their ass? You dirty skank, Ryan!” Brendon exclaimed, quite loudly.
The couple in front turned around in their seats, staring intently at them both. Ryan giggled again. “No dumbass, like this.” He leant over and gave the staring couple a show they would not forget.
“Oh I get it!” Brendon said, wiping his mouth on the back of his hand. “That’s much better than ass-kissing!”
Ryan nodded in agreement and sat back in his seat with a contented sigh and a smile on his face. He let his headrest on Brendon’s shoulder for a while and felt Brendon do the same, on his head. They stayed that way for a long time, savouring each other’s touch.

Ryan lifted his head up, as he had a crick in his neck. Brendon’s head fell back down to Ryan’s shoulder. Ryan looked at him, only to find him asleep, a slight smile on his peaceful face. Ryan stroked his hair, watching Brendon as he slept.

“Brendon,” Ryan said, shaking his slightly. “Brendon, wake up.”
Brendon opened his eyes groggily and groaned, “Oh I was having a really good dream, then. I was lying on a giant marshmallow and you were squirting cream into my mouth. Why did you wake me up?”
“Because the trolley-dollies are coming with their trolleys of food and I thought you might want some. Anyway, are you sure that dream wasn’t a euphemism for something else?” Ryan replied, smirking.
“Ryan!” Brendon exclaimed, feigning shock. “You dirty boy. Get your mind out of the gutter.”
“Oh it’s way below the gutter, Brendon. Anywho, you were the one who dreamt it. What does that say about you, huh?”
“Okay, point taken,” Brendon said sheepishly, just as the stewardess pulled up beside them.
“Would you like to purchase and beverages or snacks, or would you like a complimentary cup of tea or coffee?” she said in her chirpy, rehearsed voice, a false smile pasted on her face.
“I’ll have a cup of coffee and a box of Oreo, please” Brendon said politely, to which Ryan added “make that two please.”
She poured out their drinks into polystyrene cups and handed them and the Oreo’s over. Taking their money, she moved on, only to repeat her question.
“God, she must be bored out of her tiny little mind, saying that a hundred times over,” Brendon sniggered, as the woman asked, yet again, the same thing, further down the plane. He munched on an Oreo, licking the crumbs off his lips.
“Yeah, poor thing. Ah well, no one cares.” Ryan replied, light-heartedly, munching on his own Oreo.

Yay chapter 20 is done… finished…finite…finis!
I think that one was a bit longer so I hope you are please, all you people saying “god they’re tooooo short”
Hope you is liking all my hard work
Xxx Nica xxX
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