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Chapter 21 - Sending postcards from a plane crash

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The plane lands... or does it crash... you will have to wait and see... no I'm only joking, it doesn't really.

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Chapter 21 – Sending postcards from a plane crash

After a lot more sleeping and popping ears, the plane finally landed. As they stepped off the plane, Brendon and Ryan were buffeted by gusts of icy wind, making them huddle together for warmth. They walked across the tarmac, hand in hand, towards the terminal building, and were greeted by heaters. Ryan spotted a shop and went in to have a look. Brendon followed in to find Ryan browsing through a rack of postcards. He picked out a panoramic view of Niagara Falls and commenced to the counter, coins in his hand.
“Who’s that for, Ry?” Brendon asked at last.
“That’s for me to know and you to find out.” Ryan replied knowingly, tapping his nose and walking towards the door.
Brendon grabbed a trolley as the both headed in the direction of the baggage carrousels. Spotting their bags, Ryan tried lifting them off, only to let go and fall back into Brendon’s arms.
Laughing, Brendon said “Ry, your stick arms aren’t strong enough. Let me,” as he picked up one suitcase in each hand and deposited them on the waiting trolley.
“Hmph,” said Ryan, folding his arms and sitting on top. “If you’re so strong, you can push me too.”
Brendon sighed and started pushing, while Ryan sat back and relaxed.
The next thing he knew, he was cold again, which therefore meant he must be outside. He got up and rummaged through his slightly squashed bag, to see if Brendon had packed him a jacket, which, of course, he had. Ryan put it on, only then seeing Brendon’s disapproving look.
“Have a nice sleep, did you? I got some funny looks.”
“Sorry,” Ryan said sheepishly, “but you could have woken me up.”
“I tried, Ryan. Really I did. I even slapped you but you were dead to the world.”
“Sorry… are we gonna go then?”
“Grr. Come on, I’ll show you the hotel. We just have to get rid of this trolley.”
Ryan pushed the trolley to make up for earlier and they walked the short way to the hotel that Brendon had booked. It was large and welcoming, with cosy arm-chairs in the lobby and the heating turned up high.
They checked in, on arrival and were shown to their room by a man in a gold-trimmed, red uniform, which they laughed about, as soon as he had departed.
The room was just as cosy as the lobby, with a large, double bed and fluffy carpets, into which their feet sank.
Flinging himself onto the bed, Ryan let out a sigh and closed his eyes. He heard a thump and felt the bed move, so he opened his eyes to find Brendon gazing intently into them.
After a while, Brendon broke the silence. “What’s on your mind, Ry?” he asked slowly.
“Nothing, why do you ask?” Ryan replied, his voice a little higher than normal.
“Well, it’s usually you who breaks the silence, you always ask me why I am staring at you and your voice goes higher, when you are lying. So, I will ask again. What’s up?” Brendon said, ticking each pint of his fingers.
“Very perceptive, Brendon. Okay. I want a hug, that’s all. It’s been ages since somebody gave me a hug and actually meant it.” Ryan said, looking a little embarrassed with himself.
“Aww Ry, you only had to ask. I didn’t know you felt that way, or I would have given you one. I love you, so come here and give me a proper hug, it’s been ages since I had one either.” Brendon said sympathetically, holding out his arms. Ryan got up and sat next to Brendon on the bed, collapsing into his arms.
There they sat, Ryan’s head resting on Brendon’s chest, until Brendon could hear muffled snores. Untangling himself, he lay Ryan gently in the bed and began undoing his shoes. After taking them off, he laid them on the floor and began on his own, before lying next to Ryan and hugging him tightly, until sleep took him too.


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