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Chapter 20 - Fucked-up logic

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Brendon's mind works in mysterious way, mostly ways that no-one else understands!

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Chapter 19 – Fucked-up logic

“Brendon, tell me,” Ryan said.
“Tell me”
“How many times, no”
“Tell me”
“OH for fuck’s sake, shut up already!” Brendon huffed, giving Ryan evils, “or I won’t give you your ticket.”
“Please tell me. I’m asking nicely. Pwetty pwease with ice cream, chocolate sauce and a cherry on top,” Ryan wheedled, smiling sweetly.
“Goddamn you, shut the hell up or I will tie you up with parcel tape and lock you in a cupboard.”
“Which cupboard would that be then, Brendon?”
“That one over there.” He pointed to an inconspicuous door, behind which was most likely cleaning equipment.
“Fine then,” Ryan huffed, inwardly fuming “Tell me please”
“It was worth arty.” Ryan sighed, becoming silent once more.

A while later, after they had been duty-free shopping, Ryan opened his mouth to speak, but was interrupted by Brendon.
“I know what you’re going to ask, so don’t even bother.”
“Oh do you, Brendon? Are you in my brain? Can you hear my thoughts? I didn’t think so,” Ryan questioned. “What was I going to say then?”
“Well, Ryan, you were going to ask something along the lines of ‘where are we going?’ weren’t you?” Brendon said, knowingly.
“Oh damn, you know me too well. So, where are we going then?”
Brendon sighed, and then looked at Ryan, his irresistible smile beaming at him.
“Fine then. You’re obviously not going to give it a rest, are you?”
Ryan shook his head so Brendon carried on.
“We are going… drum roll please…” Brendon began, as Ryan stamped his feet on the floor.
“We are going… to… Canadia!”
Ryan gave a short squeak and started to flail, then said “Don’t you mean Canada?”
“No, listen. If you are Australian, where do you come from?”
“Australia, naturally.” Ryan replied.
“Okay, so if you are Russian, where do you come from?”
“Well done, Ryan. You’re getting good at this and if you come from India, what are you?”
“Yeah, so if you are Canadia, where do you come from?”
“NO, that doesn’t make sense. It’s Canadia. If you where from Canada, you would be a Canadan, just like Americans are from America.”
“That is some fucked-up logic, Brendon. Ryan laughed, as he though about what Brendon had been saying.
“You wouldn’t understand, Ryan. You would need a brain to do that.”
“Brendon, I’m hurt. I thought you loved me. I guess I was wrong.” Ryan said, as he turned away, hurt in his voice.
“Oh Ryan. If I didn’t love you, I wouldn’t have booked this holiday to Canadia,” Brendon said, sliding his arms round Ryan. He stood there for a while, until he noticed the grin on Ryan’s face.
“You asshole. I thought you were being serious,” Brendon said, while punching Ryan playfully on the arm.
“I love you, Brendon. I’ll never stop.”

Love is in the air…
Tis soooo beautiful
Xxx Nica xxX
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