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Chapter 3.

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Kinsie and Gerard are avoiding Mikey, and it's driving him insane.

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Mikey's POV;
Over the next few days, both Kinsie and Gerard seemed to pretend I didn't exist. Gerard never left the basement except to eat and use the bathroom, and wouldn't even look at me. Kinsie didn't come over here as she usually did, and didn't answer any of my phone calls or texts. I didn't even bother going over to see her, she obviously didn't want to talk to me.

Having no other friends besides the two, I spent most of my time around the house. I felt like total shit. They know I'm not a fucking idiot, somethings going on between them! I thought they could at least trust me enough to tell me.

On my third day completely alone, I decided to walk to the park Kinsie, Gerard, and I used to play at. I always came here when I needed to think about things. It was like a secret place for the three of us. I slowly walked up to my favorite part of the playground-the rocket slide. Whenever me or Kinsie were having problems, we'd sneak out of the house and meet eachother in the slide. It was just the right size for the two of us to fit in there. We'd sit up there for hours, just talking.

I carefully climbed up into the slide-I'd gotten a bit to big for it, but it was nice to sit up here. My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of small footsteps coming towards the playground. I peeked over the top of the slide and saw Kinsie.

General POV;

"Kinz?" Mikey said looking over the top of the slide. Kinsie bit her lip and looked at the ground. "Mikey..I.." She started to turn away to leave, but Mikey jumped off the slide and grabbed her arm.
"I need to talk to you, I think I know what's going on and I want to hear the truth from you." He said looking into her worried eyes. Kinsie struggled and got away from his grasp. Mikey let her run off but yelled after her.
"What the fuck is with you Kinz?! I thought we told each other everything!" Kinsie stopped running and stayed put, staring at the ground.
"Mikey.." She muttered, as his anger started to rise.
"No Kinsie, I want you to fucking listen to me. Why won't you tell me what's going on?! Why is Gerard avoiding me, and why the hell are you avoiding me?!" Mikey was practically screaming now, and Kinsie was on the verge of tears.
"Mikey, I-" She began to say, but was cut off.
"I saw you two laying in bed together, I know there's something going on between you two, I'm not fucking stupid Kinsie!" This time, Kinsie's temper was rising.
"My God Mikey, there is nothing going on between me and your brother, I-" Once again, she was cut off by a screaming Mikey.
"Don't fucking lie to me Kinsie, I saw you two!"
"Mikey! I need to-"
"Tell me the TRUTH Kinsie!" She couldn't hold it in anymore, so she just blurted out.
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