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Chapter 4.

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Mikey stood there, unable to comprehend what Kinsie had just said to him.
"C-cancer..? This can't be right..something has to be wrong about this. I mean...fuck.."
Kinsie just sat on the ground shaking her head, tears running down her pale face. Mikey slowly walked over to the fragile-looking girl and carefully wrapped his arms around her, as if she would break if he held her too tight. Everything was completely silent for a while, until Kinsie spoke up.
"Mikey..I'm sorry I didn't tell you until now..I didn't know how to. Now the way I did wasn't too gently, or how I planned to tell you, and I probably hurt you worse than it would have if I would've just told you in the beginning. I'm so sorry." A few more tears rolled down her cheeks as Mikey began to speak.
"No, I'm sorry. I just yelled at you for no reason at all. You didn't deserve that. I should've talked to you and Gerard before, instead of doing this. I probably hurt you, and that wasn't right." An awkward silence filled the air as Mikey and Kinsie sat there, silently crying.
" you..have, you know?" Mikey asked. An awkward silence filled the air as Kinsie took a breath.
"I have about 6-8 months." She said, her voice full of frustration. "That's fucking all. Just half a year."
Sorry if this sucked:/. It's kinda just a filler, and I felt bad for not updating hahah.
And sorry it took so long for me to update..I've had major writers block if you haven't noticed.
Review please? I dunno for sure if I'm gonna keep going with this story..should I?
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