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Chapter 5.

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Mikey's reaction..

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AHH! I'm SOSOSO sorry I haven't updated, I've been REALLY busy. This is probably gonna be another short one; I'm going out for my sisters birthday soon..I'll get as much done as I can.
The next few weeks went by slowly to me, every day dragging on. Things weren't that different between Gerard, Kinsie, and I, we swore to each other nothing would change. We decided to go along as if nothing ever happened, and we could try and get through this as painlessly as possible. We knew this was total bullshit, that in a few months things would definitely change.

I wanted to do something for Kinsie, though. I wanted the rest of her life to be exactly the way she wanted it, up to the very end.

[I'll edit this and add more to it soon, I'm not done..]
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